Best Holy Stone Drones

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Ever seen a drone flying high in the sky, just hoping to feel the thrill that comes from piloting one? I bet you have.

There isn’t a tech enthusiast in the world who can resist the pull of flying a drone. Whether you’re going for a foldable model or a regular one, the charm is undeniable. At least, for me, drone piloting is a way to lose myself above the clouds. 

But the thing is, most people don’t advance along the path to drone flying, simply because they are afraid that drones cost a lot. The truth is, there are some rather attractive brands that sell drones for under $300. And today I’ve put together this guide of some of those options for you.

Hi, I’m Dhia, and I’m here to make sure that you can spread your wings without hurting your pockets.

So, without further delay, let’s take off!

TL;DR: Too psyched to buy and not wanting to read? Then just know that the Holy Stone HS720 and HS700D are the premium products on our list with all the bells and whistles.

But if you don’t want to spend much, then the HS100 and HS270 are mid-range models that offer all essential functionalities at a reasonable price. And if you’re going to go lower still, you’ll have to settle with the F181W, which is a bit flimsy but gets the job done.

Finally, for extreme beginners, there’s the most affordable HS150. But be advised, it doesn’t have a camera, so don’t go blaming me later on (just jokin’).

6 Best Holy Stone Drones

Premium Holy Stone Drones

The following two drones are my top picks from this list, and naturally, they are the priciest of the lot. If you think you don’t want to shell out top dollar for these, then skip ’em and move onto the next.

Here they are.

1. Holy Stone HS720

The costliest and best item on my list, the HS720 from Holy Stone is one of the best drones I’ve ever come across in this price range. And believe me when I say that I’ve tried out a lot of ’em. It’s got a stunning feature set and is bound to give you a thrill ride.

My Experience

The most attractive feature in this model (for me) is the full HD 2K camera that allows me to take the perfect aerial shots. I used the drone to take some birds-eye-view shots of Paris, and you’d have to see the shots to believe ’em.

With 26 minutes of flying time and a Return Home feature incorporating GPS, I never have to worry about losing the device. What’s more, I can even pre-program the drone to fly along a particular path and take videos effortlessly.

I also dig the fact that this model has a Follow Me feature, which means the drone can fly around with me even when I’m in a car, driving. This makes it particularly easy for me to transport the drone when I’m traveling. Plus, who wouldn’t want their own drone following them around? I sure like the feeling.

But perhaps the one feature that stands out in this model is its 5 GHz FPV transmission capability, which takes live video transmission to a whole new level.

What Could’ve Been Better?

If you ask my opinion, there’s nothing that can be improved in the product at this price range. The only problem I faced with the model was that it tends to get a little unstable in strong winds. But I guess that’s bound to happen with any drone beyond a certain height.


  • 2K camera with shock absorption feature
  • Brushless motor for aerodynamic efficacy
  • Dedicated app
  • Foldable design


  • Unstable at high winds

2. Holy Stone HS700D

The next item I have for you is the HS700D, which sports many features in common with the first item on our list. Weighing at just 608 grams, this product delivers a stunning performance in all weather conditions.

My Experience

The first time I used this drone was for taking a shot of Mt. Rushmore while in South Dakota. And true to Holy Stone tradition, the drone did not disappoint. With a flight time of over 20 minutes, this is one of the better drones I’ve ever piloted.

Controls are pretty simple, and the Follow Me and Auto Return features ensure that I never lose sight of my wings. Plus, I can even program the drone to fly along a particular path using the dedicated app, which gives me greater flexibility.

I’m thinking of doing an FB-live session with the device, where I’ll be streaming live video of the flight. With a 5GHz transmission frequency, I guess I’m all set for the event. And by the way, you’re invited as well!

What Could’ve Been Better?

While I’ve found nothing wrong with the product in my time of use, there have been complaints by specific users about a faulty charger design. Also, some people have claimed (despite the Return Home feature) to have lost the drone mid-flight. So do your due diligence before making the purchase.


  • High-quality live video transmission
  • Brushless motor for a quiet and powerful flight
  • Upgraded, screwless propellers
  • Large control range of over 3,000 ft


  • Faulty charger design

Mid-range Holy Stone Drones

The next two items on our list are in the range of $100-$200 and are best for those who don’t want to spend a lot yet have all the fun. And if your budget is lower still, then skip these two and go to the last pair.

3. Holy Stone HS100

The HS100 from the house of Holy Stone is yet another budget offering, and in this price range, it does a decent job. Easy to assemble and carry, I like taking this baby with me on longer hikes where I don’t want to carry a lot of baggage.

My Experience

Despite having a lower flight time than the previous models, the HS100 has a 3500 mAh battery, which provides a decent flight experience and charge carrying capacity.

This makes it perfect for lonely treks such as the one I took along the Snowman Trek in Bhutan. On that note, I really fell in love with the HD camera that allowed me to click beautiful pictures of the trail.

Apart from that, the drone comes with the Holy Stone usuals of GPS-based Auto Return and Follow Me features, along with a dedicated app that you can use from your smartphone. Overall, a brilliant bang for your buck, I should say.

If you want to know more, check out our full review of the model here.

What Could’ve Been Better?

I could’ve given the product full marks had it boasted of better flight time. Considering the battery size, I expected anything over 20 minutes. Other than that, the company customer service does leave something to be desired.


  • Easy to set up and control
  • Powerful engine allows higher flight
  • High Definition 2K camera
  • GPS enabled


  • Flight time of only 18 minutes

4. Holy Stone HS270

At a still lower price, the Holy Stone HS270 is best for beginners who want to try their hands at drone piloting skills. Like the HS100, this one also has a flight time of 18 minutes but comes with some other nifty features. Just read on to know more.

My Experience

The one thing that caught my eye about this product was the 2.7K camera with a 90-degree rotatable lens. This allows me to capture wide-angle views of any landscape.

Along with that, the usual features of GPS, Auto Return, and Follow Me are present. Also, another highlight of this device is the audio recording capability; plus the foldable design makes carrying the equipment a cinch.

Interested in knowing more? Just check it out here.

What Could’ve Been Better?

Personally, I would’ve preferred it if the device had a better flight time. Other than that, the only point of concern I could find was the charging time of about six hours. But in this price range, I guess you can’t expect much.


  • 2.7K camera with 5GHz transmission
  • Programmable flight paths
  • Audio recording capability
  • Includes GPS/GLONASS


  • Longer charging times of six hours

Budget Holy Stone Drones

We’ve finally arrived at the last two products, and despite being budget buys, these models provide excellent value for money. So don’t judge ’em by the price tag. I promise you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

5. Holy Stone F181W

The F181W is my first choice in the sub-$100 range, and despite the low cost, this device is great for beginners and kids. Although it doesn’t come anywhere close to the first two models on my list, it has a useful feature set to boast of.

My Experience

My first brush with this model was during my trip to China, en route to the Great Wall. And I really had a great time using it. As you might have already guessed, the camera quality always plays a significant factor in my choice of drones.

And this model has a 1080p camera with real-time transmission, which makes it perfect for recording live videos. Plus, it has a stellar altitude hold function that allows it to hover for extended periods. And to top it all off, the drone can do 3D flips! How cool is that!

But wait! There’s more to know about this model; just click here and find out.

What Could’ve Been Better?

I know what you’re going to say, and I agree with you: this is a budget device, so I shouldn’t expect much. Still, I would’ve preferred it if it were a bit less toyish. The build looks flimsy, and I’m sure a heavy wind will blow it away.


  • FPV real-time transmission
  • One-key return home
  • 1080p HD camera
  • Multiple speed control


  • Rather a toyish build

6. Holy Stone HS150

Finally, we are at the last, and predictably the most affordable product on the list. And this one is only for those drone racers out there. And although I don’t count myself among their number, I still had a fun time testing this thing out. And the results are as below.

My Experience

If speed is the one thing that you crave in a drone, then this is the one for you! With a superfast pickup and speeds of up to 50kmph, this drone is enough to give other products a literal run for their money.

I had an enjoyable time playing around with the model and spent considerable time testing out the four-way flip function. For beginners who find this a little too tough, there’s a headless mode that provides total control. Stable, sturdy, and without signal interference, this is a real value-for-money product.

What Could’ve Been Better?

Sadly, this device is missing the most essential part of a drone (according to me): the camera. But I guess I really can’t expect a fully-functional camera drone for the price of a sushi dinner now, can I?


  • High speed of 50km/h
  • Headless mode for beginners
  • Comes with extra batteries
  • Stable and durable build


  • No camera

Final Words

I believe in wishes, and flying a drone is bound to be on everybody’s wishlist, regardless of their financial capacity. Hence the purpose of my list: to make sure that you have a drone to fly, no matter what your budget is.

I hope this has been a helpful read for you all. And I think that all my readers will undoubtedly find a model of their choice  among my selections from Holy Stone, which is in our top 10 best drone brands list. Just take time to settle on the right one for your requirements, and take off among the clouds.

Till then, I’ll leave you to your flyin’. Cya!

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