Potensic T25 Review

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What’s common between next-gen quadcopters under $200 and Frankie Valli’s 1967 blockbuster song? Both are “too good to be true!”

Let’s face it: finding a dependable drone that is designed to last, particularly on a tight budget, can be difficult. Occasionally, one of my readers will contact me and ask me to recommend a low-cost machine that wouldn’t break down the first night.

Lucky for you guys, Potensic has been making waves in the game with its best-selling T25 model, which had my attention at first glance. Although I’m in love with its trail-blazing dual GPS positioning feature, the model offers a lot more at such a reasonable price.

So, without any further ado, here’s why this incredible device deserves your attention!


The Potensic T25 is, without a doubt, one of the best beginner drones that I’ve personally tested by far. I’m in love with how controlling this gadget isn’t any different than playing Birds of Steel on your Xbox. Also, when it comes to flight performance, its brilliant aerodynamics and brushless motor give it a higher advantage at maintaining stability on air.

Not to forget, this product has several incredible navigation features, my favorite of which is the Follow Me mode. However, I’m not at all impressed with its upsetting battery life. In my opinion, the Holy Stone HS270 (Review) is a better alternative for almost the same price.

My Experience

Although drones and best values don’t go along well, the Potensic T25 serves correctly to the bargain hunters who aren’t very experienced at drone-flying. It was my very first upgrade as a quadcopter since my old worn-out drone, and here are a few things that have made it worth every single penny I’ve spent.

Potensic T25 drone with remote controller and propellers
Potensic T25 – dronologue.fr

1. Camera Resolution/Video Quality

As someone who enjoys camping, I am instinctively drawn to drones with high-quality cameras capable of capturing lengthy time-lapses. Fortunately, the Potensic T25 sets itself apart from the competition with its advanced 1080P full HD camera, which seems too good for its price.

That said, its camera also offers a staggering wide-angle view of up to 120-degrees. For those who are into videography, this model is highly appropriate for professional-level drone shots. I love how the camera tilts up to 90-degrees, offering 100% control over its perspective to the user.

Moreover, the camera sets the bar higher for product safety and convenience with its advanced FPV broadcast feature. Simply put, it live streams the video feed captured by the camera, which comes very handy in navigating the drone precisely. Not only is it utterly entertaining, but it also helps in avoiding any unforeseen accident while flying.

2. Ease of Use/Remote Controller

One of the main reasons behind me recommending the T25 is how suitable it is for first-timers who have just developed a liking towards flying drones. For those who are searching for models that rank very high in terms of ease of use, I couldn’t have a better suggestion.

It’s fair to say that flying this drone almost feels like real-life gaming experience, provided that popular gaming consoles influence their remote controllers. For starters, you’ll get a suspiciously similar LED indicator table on the front of the remote. Because most drone transmitters feature a black-and-white screen for dynamic readouts, this feature sets the T25 apart.

The controller is designed very ergonomically so that you can fly the quadcopter without facing any wrist pain or arm fatigue. It features the standard gaming console key layout, which makes controlling the model as easy as ABC.

And although you’ll find numerous keys on the controller pad, be assured that just a little practice will help you get the hang of it. In addition, you get a takeoff/landing button, a power button, and a “return to home” button. And the cherry on top is its universal bracket that enables you to transform your android/iOS device into a screen with ease.

3. Dual GPS Positioning/Follow Me Mode

Moving on to the safety measures that make the T25 the magnificent genius it is, I’m amazed by how this model bridges the gap between world-class performance and top-notch product safety.

That said, this product comes equipped with a breakthrough dual GPS positioning feature that helps in broadcasting the accurate location of the quadcopter without facing any lag. You also get a Follow Me mode, where the drone can smoothly track your android GPS with ease.

As a result, it doesn’t matter where the user is traveling, the product follows them without requiring RC navigation or guidance. Not only that, but it also enables automatic return, no signal return, and low power return for greater convenience. Typically, drones in this price range don’t offer such features, which gives the T25 the upper hand.

4. Flight Performance

Speaking of flight performance, I’ve found this drone to be very responsive to the RC commands, which is impressive. Furthermore, the bird can go as fast as 25 km/h, offering more than sufficient speed for beginners to practice drone-flying without the fear of losing control.

My opinion here is that its ultralight build (yes, it weighs only 2.2 lbs) and top-notch brushless motors result in its efficient real-time response and swift flying experience. The model also offers three-speed modes, varying from beginner to pro, which enhances versatility by a notch. Last but not least, its 300-meter flight range makes it one of the most efficient models for inexperienced drone-flyers to practice.

5. Headless Mode/Geo-Fencing Mode

For a drone that’s priced under $200, this Potensic best-seller brings a vast array of features to the table. To begin with, it has really surprised me with its advanced Headless mode, making navigation a lot more convenient. To break it down, this feature allows it to move in every direction. As a result, it saves you from worrying about the drone head’s orientation every time it takes off, enabling a free-flying mode.

Also, I cannot stop praising its groundbreaking geofencing mode, which sets a virtual boundary through global positioning that the drone can’t violate. This feature restricts the drone from flying into a territory or zone you wouldn’t want it to, and also helps in keeping it within the controller’s range. Altogether, my opinion about the T25 summed in a word would be “satisfactory.”

What Could’ve Been Better?

I’m dissatisfied with the model’s disappointingly short battery life, which lasts up to 10 minutes, that too, depending on the wind speed and secondary conditions. Even if it’s a good option for quick practice that beginners can opt for, its minimal battery coverage would be a bummer for experts that can never have enough.

Furthermore, this drone is strictly built for outdoor flying, so it may not be a good alternative if you’re searching for versatile models that support indoor flying too. Last but not least, I’m also not a big fan of the plastic compound the model is built with, so there’s that.


  • 1080p full HD camera resolution
  • Dual GPS positioning
  • Geo-fencing mode
  • Follow Me mode for higher convenience


  • Disappointingly low battery life
  • Not suitable for indoor flying

Final Words

My verdict here is very simple – the Potensic T25 should be your pick if you’re searching for one of the best beginner drones under a meager price tag. When it comes to flight performance, the T25 goes head-to-head against most of the premium top-selling alternatives in the game right now.

However, the Holy Stone HS270 stands out as a better and more versatile alternative at more or less the same price.

That said, I’ll be signing off now, but I’ll see you soon with more fun-filled drone reviews. Till then, check out our other drone reviews from Potensic, stay tuned and have a safe flight!

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