You must remember that the first three decades of mobile tech development had a crazy race of fitting everything in the smallest size possible.

Then with the advent of smartphones, we seem to have reached an inflection point. Today the size of our phones and tablets has outweighed their portability, and the size-diminishing contest seems to be over.

But for drones, I think we’re in the first three decades of experimenting how small the device can be and still deliver the best results.

And if there’s one model that goes well along that line, it is DJI’s latest drone, the Spark. It comfortably sits in your palm, and with just a gesture of your hand starts hovering in mid-air. No controller, no app, no nothing! Operating it is that easy!

However, compactness can’t be the sole factor in choosing a drone. Does the product fare well among its competitors?

Hi, this is Dhia. I’m a passionate travel blogger and drone-flyer, and today I’m going to talk about this charming and sweet mini-drone, DJI Spark.