When it comes to choosing an entry-level drone, I don’t think there’s any better product than the DJI Tello.

Sure, there are other manufacturers that offer drones which are cheaper and perhaps, even come with slightly better specs, but can they provide the assurance DJI does?

After all, this company has established itself as a pioneer in consumer and commercial drones.

While the Tello is not perfect, it does have enough features for the average entry-level drone pilot. And having tried and tested countless drones over the past 7 years of my travels, I can safely say that you can rarely go wrong with a DJI product.

But will this drone be the right choice for you? Well, today, I’m here to answer that question and more on this drone that costs less than $100.

Hi, I’m Dhia and welcome to my review of DJI Tello.