Ruko F11 Pro Review

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Advancements in technology have made life a whole lot easier. But, that’s not the software engineer in me talking.

Whether it is in the field of connectivity, gaming, information processing, or even wildlife photography, technology has had a significant impact on each of them.

And speaking of wildlife photography, did you know that modern-day drones have become an integral part of that profession? Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?

But in the current market, there are indeed some high-end drone models that provide users with stunning image capturing and video recording capabilities. One of the most popular among them is the Ruko F11 Pro, which is also the drone that I am currently using as a travel companion.

I am absolutely in love with this image capturing beast, and in my guide today, I am going to talk about all of its features, and why it is so sought after.

Why do I recommend the Ruko F11 Pro so highly?

Though supposedly a mid-range model with a price tag near the $500 mark, the Ruko F11 Pro offers much more than what each of its competitors bring to the table.

Made with the adept pilots in mind, this drone model offers a bucket full of features that are bound to keep the user entertained for months

Ruko F11 Pro flying with a blue sky in the background
Ruko F11 Pro

1. Allows for extended flight time.

When it comes to battery life, this drone is one of the best in the market. My sister Aleena has always had a passion for wildlife photography, and to her, the perfect drone is one that not only has a stable camera but also offers a lot of flight time.

Even for a hobby like bird watching or nature photography, the longer the drone flies, the better. And in terms of flight time, the F11 Pro reigns supreme.

The drone comes with two high capacity batteries of 2500mAh, and each of them is capable of giving the user 30 minutes of flight time, rounding off to 60 when combined. The battery-life is indeed one of its most significant features, which greatly contributes to its popularity, and keeps it one step ahead of the rest.

2. Stunning Camera Quality

This is another reason why this drone is so highly sought after by nature and wildlife photographers. The Ruko F11 Pro comes with a 4K Ultra HD camera, whose picture quality, in my opinion, was absolutely stunning.

I went on a wildlife photography trip recently with Aleena in the local, national park. I brought along the drone with me, while she had the SYMA X22W, as she is quite new to drone piloting, and finds the SYMA to be more up her alley.

When documenting a pack of flamingos in a water reserve, I was absolutely blown away by the sheer quality and image clarity that the camera provided. The details were indeed very vivid, and with a 120-degree field of view, I was able to capture some incredible footage, which became a part of my travel vlog.

The Ruko F11 Pro’s camera has a 90-degrees adjustment setting as well, which I am able to access with the remote controller. It’s also capable of a 5GHz FPV streaming and allows a real-time transmission range of 500 Meters (check our best long range drones here), which is significantly more than most of its competitors.

3. Superior Flight Functions.

The Ruko F11 Pro comes with a lot of fun features, which makes it quite an entertaining drone to fly around. So here are some of them which popped out to me the most:

a. Better GPS Capabilities.

More or less, every drone at the $500 mark (Check our pick for out best drones under $500 here) comes with a capable GPS sensor. But what sets the GPS feature of the F11 Pro apart is how it makes the user worry less about controlling the drone and concentrate more on taking pictures and capturing video.

You won’t have to worry about the vertical controls for this product because the GPS will lock it to a height and keep it steady for you so you can take full advantage of the awesome camera.

b. Variable speed settings.

The speed functions of this drone come in three different settings: low, medium, and high. 

This allows me to customize the maneuverability of the drone and make it easier to control when there are a lot of flight obstacles around. But, do keep in mind that at the highest speed of 43km/h, the drone will consume more battery power, and the 60 minute flight time can be cut down to 25.

c. Point of Interest Mode.

This is another unique feature that the Ruko F11 Pro possesses. This mode will allow you to circle the drone around a point of interest after you have marked it on the map that is provided in the Ruko app.

The Point of Interest is a lot like the Follow me mode, but it’s capable of taking shots from various angles, unlike the latter. 

If you’re going on a road trip or trying out certain outdoor activities like boating or even kayaking, the camera will be pointed at the center of interest capturing footage along the way.

What could have been better with the Ruko F11 Pro?

Though quite an advanced drone for the price, I am a bit disappointed that Ruko was not able to provide the F11 Pro with an accurate obstacle avoidance system…

The drone comes with a headless mode, which, when activated, will automatically make it use GPS tracking and bring it back to its original starting position. This might sound great and all, but with the lack of an obstacle avoidance system, there are chances that the drone gets damaged on the way back.

When exploring new areas, I have often caught myself completely losing track of my drone, so I rely on the headless mode quite a bit. So, the lack of a good obstacle avoidance feature is honestly a bummer, but not a deal-breaker.


  • Has one of the best battery-life among drones within the $500 mark.
  • Comes with a 4K Ultra HD camera that provides clear and high-quality pictures.
  • Variety of features makes it a very fun to use drone model.


  • It doesn’t come with a reliable obstacle avoidance system.

Is the Ruko F11 Pro worth it?

If you’re in the market looking for a drone which is just amazing at wildlife and nature photography, then the F11 Pro from Ruko is going to be the perfect investment. Not only does it boast the best camera quality and features at the price range, but has a bucket full of features as well, which is bound to keep you entertained for months.

I hope you enjoyed my guide today.

Till next time!

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