Traxxas Aton Quadcopter Review

Traxxas Aton Quadcopter Review
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    Traxxas Aton Quadcopter Review
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      Flying drones is a blast and is a hobby that can be enjoyed by anybody. On the other hand, actually choosing a drone can be difficult, especially if you are new and don’t understand all the jargon. Even if you are already a drone enthusiast, choosing which drone is worth adding to your collection can be tricky, but there’s finally a quadcopter that can please across the board. The Traxxas Aton Quadcopter has been hailed as one of the best, so we reviewed it for ourselves. Read our complete review of the Traxxas Aton Quadcopter below.

      2nd November update: Traxxas Aton availability is limited. HS100 is the best alternative within the same price range. You can read more here

      Top Features/ Specs

      • Flight Time: 20 minutes
      • 3 Modes
        The Aton has 3 different, distinct modes including film, sport, and expert. The film mode allows the user to capture beautifully stabilized video and can be used by anybody, despite skill level. The sport mode is more for having fun and exploring. If you just want to have fun, sport mode is definitely the best option because you can go faster and practice your skills. The expert mode is best left for experts, but you can always play around with it. Expert mode unlocks all of the drones features and capabilities, taking your flight experience to a whole new level.
      • Status bar
        The LED status bar gives you a quick glimpse at how everything is running. With 4 simple icons, the status bar is easy to understand and even easier to see, thanks to the bright LED lights.
      • Traxxas Flight Link App Support
        The Traxxas Flight Link app gives you maximum control over your flight and enhances the entire experience. With the app, you can check GPS and radio connections, check the battery level, adjust speed, navigate, set virtual boundaries, and fine tune various settings to your liking.
      • Six Axis Stabilization
        Six axis stabilization allows for maximum flight stability, meaning cleaner, crisper videos as well. It also makes the drone easier to control and is especially great for beginners who are new to flying.
      • What’s Included?
        Quadcopter, 2.4 GHz radio system, 3000 mAh 3-cell Lipo ID batter, 3 amp Lipo battery charger and AC power cord, 4 Traxxas AAA batteries, landing legs with hardware, transmitter sticks, spare rotor blade set, 2 mm hex wrench, spare hardware, vibration damped camera mounting bracket, quick start guide, and user guide

      First Impressions

      When I first got my Aton, I almost immediately fell in love with its sleek cherry red exterior, and I knew I couldn’t wait to fly it. It came calibrated already, so the first time I used it I didn’t have to calibrate it or anything. I started by just breezing around in film and sport mode and was very pleased with how this drone flew. It flew smoothly and was easy to control, especially with the Traxxas app. Next I mounted my GoPro, which was a lot easier to do than I thought, and tested it out. I noticed my flight time decreased, but that’s expected considering the added weight of the camera. However, the Aton flew just as smooth with the camera mounted and I’d recommend mounting one to yours. It can capture clear, stabilized video of your flight, which is especially helpful for filmmakers. I didn’t have a need for video though, so I went back to sport mode and had a blast. This drone zips through the air and is a lot of fun to fly, especially once you find the button to do flips and tricks.


      • Helpful built-in Return to Home feature
      • Compatible with GoPro cameras
      • Flight logs can be uploaded to Google Earth to create immersive digital tours of your flight
      • You can perform cool tricks, like flips, at the push of a button
      • The GPS is protected inside of the roll hoop, reducing necessary maintenance and preventing physical damage
      • Can fly over 50 MPH in sport mode
      • The quadcopter comes ready to fly and doesn’t require any assembly or calibration


      • You have to use your own camera, one is not included

      Final Verdict

      I definitely recommend this drone for anyone who is looking for a new one. Whether you are a novice who is just learning and exploring, a filmmaker who needs crisp aerial footage, or a drone enthusiast who just loves flying, this drone can meet your needs. It was designed to be durable, so the blades shouldn’t snap or break with a little pressure. However, the Aton isn’t invincible and will need minor repairs eventually. Thankfully, it comes with a hex wrench and extra blades, so if the original blades break you don’t have to scramble to get new ones. I have been very pleased every time I use the Aton, it is a great all around drone and it is relatively affordable.

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