4 Best drones for GoPro

4 Best drones for GoPro
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    4 Best drones for GoPro
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      We travel to make memories, and what better way to cherish those memories later than to record them?

      Hey, guys! It’s your friendly blogger/robotics geek Dhia, and I just had a wonderful time traveling around Asia. I planned to record the memories in the most fabulous way possible, so guess what I chose to buy? Yes, a drone!

      And while I was searching for the best drones for GoPro, I came across some outstanding models within an affordable budget. So, today, I decided to share my experience of testing 4 of the best drones while I was shopping.

      Now, let’s get into it!

      TL; DR: In case you don’t plan to read on till the end, here’s the crux of what I’ll be discussing.

      If you’re an amateur at drone-flying, the Holy Stone HS700D is the best drone you can opt for within the $250 price range.

      If you’re a semi-professional who’s looking for a durable product, the Potensic D85 makes an ideal choice to consider in the same price range.

      And lastly, in case you’re running a little short on budget at the moment, the Altair Arial Blackhawk and Force1 F100GP will offer you serious performance within the $100 range.

      Here’s a list of the top 4 best drones for GoPro

      1. Holy Stone HS700D

      Flying a drone can’t be mastered overnight, not unless you have your hands on the HS700D. This product has surprised me with such a vast array of features within its compact frame, and is guaranteed to have you saying “Holy Stone!” What makes this unit my top pick? Let’s find out!

      My Experience

      First and foremost, I can’t stop admiring its sleek and futuristic design – it’s eye-candy, for sure. Apart from its looks, the HS700D is built with premium-grade plastic, and supported with metal propeller stands. Durability isn’t an issue with this drone, as the blades are totally immune to moderate wear and tear.

      Also, out of all the drones I’ve tested yet, this one perfectly fits the criteria for a drone that I’d recommend to an amateur with zero prior experience. Mostly because it’s reasonably easy to fly, but also because it doesn’t confuse you with intricate controller functions.

      In fact, the controller comes with an easy-to-view LCD that projects the drone’s location, flight duration, remaining battery, and every other info that’d be useful for a beginner.

      But the cream of the crop here is its “Follow me” feature, which allows the drone to follow the user’s movements. You can even set a predetermined flying path to operate the drone with the Holy Stone mobile application, raising its efficiency by several notches.

      Check out our full review here!

      What Could’ve Been Better?

      I’m not totally satisfied with how much time this drone takes to be fully charged, as it may be an inconvenience if you have a hectic schedule. Although the blades can sustain small injuries, it’s a little upsetting that it doesn’t come with protection guards for extra durability.


      • Suitable for beginners
      • Flies up to 25 km/h
      • LCD-embedded controller
      • Lightweight and compact frame


      • Not enough safety features

      2. Potensic D85

      Moving away from beginner drones, the Potensic D85 tends to be a heavy-duty machine for semi-professional use. Although the in-built GPS module for effective hover positioning is what interests me the most about this device, it has a lot more to offer. So, let’s have a look at it.

      My Experience

      This compact polygonic drone is one of the sturdiest machines I’ve had my hands on in a while. Its thick shell is built with high-end ABS plastic, which sets the bar quite high for durability. So, in case you accidentally crash the drone against a hard wall or building, the chances of significant damage are relatively slim.

      Also, your camera is entirely safe in its association, as it comes with stiff landing legs to prevent the lens from facing any impact.

      Unlike most of the other drones I’ve flown in a while, this one allows you to replace its factory camera with yours pretty quickly, which is a delightful news for your GoPro. And when it comes to user-friendliness, the D85 is a no-brainer, without a doubt.

      Like I’ve mentioned before, this product comes with a trailblazing GPS module, which makes positioning a walk in the park through satellite communication.

      Also, it’s equipped with a 2800mAh battery, ensuring an exciting flight time of 20 smooth minutes on a single charge. And unlike the HS700D, its battery doesn’t take too long to charge. The drone can fly as far as 4,900 ft if controlled via remote, which I consider as more than enough for semi-professionals like me.

      What Could’ve Been Better?

      I feel like the drone should’ve come with an in-built obstacle avoidance sensor, but it’s also pretty natural for a product within this price bracket to not have one. Anyhoo, I’m not impressed with its in-built camera at all, which gives me one more reason to replace it with my GoPro.


      • Built with ABS plastic material
      • Can go as far as 1,500 meters
      • In-built GPS module
      • 20-minute flight time


      • Lacks an obstacle avoidance sensor

      3. Altair Aerial Blackhawk

      It’s usually hard to find reliable drones under the $100 price bracket. The Altair Aerial Blackhawk offers quite a few outstanding features within this price tag, which makes it an appropriate low-budget drone. Let’s find out what it has to offer!

      My Experience

      I was searching for a regular drone that’s good enough for my GoPro when I came across the Blackhawk, and honestly, the name itself was captivating enough to grab my attention.

      As much as its name reminds of a possible Assassin’s Creed game, it’s flight experience is nothing less than sheer entertainment. This quadcopter offers you 100% user control, which makes it highly appropriate for amateurs.

      Also, I’m in love with how you can flip it 360-degrees while flying. The Blackhawk offers you a so-so flying range of 500 meters, which shouldn’t be problematic unless you’re planning to capture lengthy montages.

      It lasts about 15 minutes on one charge, which is again, good enough for its price. Overall, it may not be the most advanced drone you can buy, but it’s a total value-for-money product.

      What Could’ve Been Better?

      A lot, if I compare it to the former high-end drones. But, I can let it slide, considering it’s quite a cheap product. One thing I’ve noticed is that the drone doesn’t come with a camera. So, unless you already own a GoPro, understanding this drone’s capabilities can be troublesome in the beginning.


      • Value-for-money product
      • Battery life up to 15 minutes
      • Excellent user control
      • Visually attractive and sturdy frame


      • Doesn’t have a camera

      4. Force1 F100GP

      The ultimate product on our list, the Force1 F100GP, is so low-priced that it cost me less than a Double Truffle burger. However, it stood out to be one of the most convenient drones there is, and I’m in love with its quiet flight mode. What else does it offer? Let’s find out!

      My Experience

      As I’ve said, the USP of this product is that unlike other drones, it doesn’t produce high-pitched noises while flying – all thanks to its quiet flight mode. So, in case you’re shooting a vital video, you don’t really have to worry about the annoying motor sounds.

      Speaking of shooting videos, this product also comes with a decent 1080p video recording camera. However, you can replace it with the GoPro Hero 3 or 4 model.

      When it comes to flight control, this unit stands out to be more versatile than its competitor, the Blackhawk unit. As in, this product offers numerous speed modes so that the users can have 100% control over the device, which prevents it from any chances of unforeseen accidents.

      However, similar to the Blackhawk unit, you can also flip this drone in a 360-degree motion, which is fun.

      It is also pretty to assemble and disassemble, be it the model or the camera. The controls are reasonably responsive and work right out of the gate. Last but not least, this device comes with an efficient brushless motor, which makes it a total steal of a deal!

      What Could’ve Been Better?

      Although I’m glad that it supports GoPro, I believe it could’ve done a better job of being compatible with a wider variety of GoPro models. Also, I’d advise you to fly this drone very carefully, as its replacement parts are quite hard to find in the market.


      • Highly affordable product
      • Efficient user control
      • Quiet flight mode
      • Comes with spare propellers


      • Replacement parts are hard to find

      Final Words

      So, what do you think about the 4 best drones for GoPro that I’ve just recommended? Which one has been your favorite so far? Let me know in the comment section below!

      On that note, I’ll see you soon with more fun content on drones. And till then, stay connected!

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