6 Best Drones With Follow Me Feature

6 Best Drones With Follow Me Feature
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    6 Best Drones With Follow Me Feature
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      There was a time when piloting drones for filming used to be a tricky operation. Usually, one person could not do the job well.

      It used to become very difficult to pilot the drone while filming, and be in front of the camera at the same time. Thankfully, with the Follow Me feature, that problem is now long gone.

      However, with a large number of brands available, it’s tough to decide which one to settle on. But today I’m here to solve that problem for you.

      Hi, I’m Dhia, your friendly global blogger, and today I have for you a selection of the best drones with the Follow Me feature.

      Let’s get flyin’.

      TL;DR: Not ready to read the entire thing, yet want to know all about it? Then here’s the lowdown on the list for you to go through it and take your pick.

      If you’re looking for a premium model, then the DJI Mavic 2 Pro is the best choice. For those not willing to shell out as much, check out the Mavic Air or HS700D model, which are mid-range options.

      And if you are looking for a complete budget buy, then I suggest you settle for the HS270 from Holy Stone. At a low price point, this is the best product available.

      Best Premium Follow-me Drones

      As is my habit, I’ve organized the drones by price, with the most expensive at the top. So, if you’re low on cash, I recommend skipping the first pair and moving on to the next two on the list.

      1. DJI Mavic 2 Pro

      As a trekking enthusiast, I’ve always made it a point to document my journeys on video. And as my readers already know, I’m a stickler for camera quality. So just imagine my rapture when I got my hands on this baby. Equipped with a Hasselblad L1D-20c camera, this is one Follow Me drone that I swear by.

      My Experience

      DJI is a brand that’s well known for its stellar products, and the Mavic 2 Pro doesn’t disappoint. With it’s 20MP camera, I was able to capture breathtaking shots on my trek to Mt. Rinjani.

      The device features DJI’s very own ActiveTrack2.0, which uses a 3D map of the surroundings and trajectory prediction algorithms to track the subject. This means that my drone can follow me anywhere I go.

      Also, the Mavic 2 Pro is equipped with Omnidirectional Obstacle Sensing technology, which allows the drone to navigate the air without hitting any barriers. And at 31 minutes, the M2P has one of the best flight times in the industry.

      A brilliant camera with advanced features, enhanced Follow Me technology, and an extended flight time…what more can one possibly desire!

      What Could’ve Been Better?

      Honestly speaking, there is nothing that can be further included in this drone at this price. But it’s the price of the drone, which is rather steep, that may deter many enthusiasts from getting it in the first place.


      • Advanced camera technology
      • Precise Follow Me sensing
      • Extended flight times
      • 8GB of internal storage


      • A rather hefty price tag

      2. Autel Evo

      The next product on my list is the Evo model from Autel, another renowned drone manufacturer. With superior image quality and dual GPS/GLONASS technology, this is a drone that you can take anywhere without fear of losing it. I had a great time flying this beauty, and today I am sharing my experience.

      My Experience

      Drone flying is no easy feat, especially when you’re trekking along capricious mountain trails such as the Doi Inthanon in Thailand. But the Autel Evo enabled me to document my entire journey in 4K, and that too with extreme ease of use.

      Equipped with obstacle sensing technology, this device followed me around no matter where my fancy took me along the trail. And with a flight time of thirty minutes, I didn’t even have to worry about frequent recharges.

      But the one feature that impressed me the most was the 4.3 miles flight range, which is more than most pilots can dare to fly (myself included). In short, this device can provide you with solid value for money and features similar to the M2P, but at a lesser cost.

      Check out my full review of the Autel Evo here!

      What Could’ve Been Better?

      I can’t think of anything that can be improved in a device with such excellent features. The only thing that may put people off buying this is the price, which, though lower than the M2P, is still on the steeper side. But if you take my advice, this one is worth the investment.


      • 4K video camera
      • Powerful long-range antennas
      • Sleek, foldable design
      • Three-way obstacle avoidance


      • Price tag might be too steep for some

      Best Mid Range Follow-me Drones

      If the above two drones were not within your price range, then worry not my dear reader! I have for you four more options to choose from. The following two are mid-range drones that have all the bells-and-whistles you need, and more. And if you’re not ready to shell out even that, skip to the last two – those are budget buys.

      3. DJI Mavic Air

      In the sub-$1000 range, the Mavic Air from DJI is one of the best mini drones in the market. With a foldable design and excellent features that speak for themselves, this is a device that is well worth your money. And it’s camera allows me to take absolutely breathtaking photos, so you can understand why I’m a fan!

      My Experience

      Since we’re talking about the best drones with the Follow Me feature, let’s inspect that in this beauty first. A quality product from the house of DJI, it’s got ActiveTrack enabled, and can sense up to 16 simultaneous subjects.

      Plus, the device has the capability to follow targets even when they are in motion, and I had the good fortune to test this out at home. Cycling around the neighborhood, I had the drone follow me with precise navigation, avoiding obstacles, and sending the neighbors’ dogs into a tizzy!

      Coming to the camera, this product sports a 3-axis steady gimbal design, which allows me to take 4K videos, HDR photos and stitch together 180-degree panoramas in 32MP. For a camera freak like me, that’s heaven on earth. And the 3D foldable design of the product simply takes my breath away.

      What Could’ve Been Better?

      This bird has all the cool features that any drone aficionado could ask for. But the only fly in my ointment about the product: at times, I’ve experienced connection failures between the drone and controller module. This is a flaw I urge the manufacturers to take care of in future versions.


      • Equipped With ActiveTrack technology
      • Foldable design
      • Excellent 3-axis gimbal camera
      • 8GB internal storage for perfect pictures


      • Connection problems between the bird and the controller

      4. Holy Stone HS700D

      I have for you now the HS700D from the house of Holy Stone, another drone manufacturer that I really dig. Their products always have a futuristic, premium look, along with advanced features. And for less than $300, this is more than anyone can ask for.

      My Experience

      I used this drone for documenting my journey across the Scottish Highlands, and I was genuinely amazed by the performance that this device delivered. The GPS-based Follow Me and Auto-Return features ensured that I never lost sight of the device.

      Along with that, the app-based interface allowed me to set up custom flight paths, using which I could plan my journey. Once, I’d sent the drone ahead to scout the landscape but hadn’t noticed that the battery was low. But the intelligent bird returned before depleting its power source.

      Now let’s take a look at the camera on this product. With 2K HD capability and 5GHz video transmission, live videos are a cinch when you’re flying the HS700D. Plus, as an engineer, I was quite impressed by the brushless motor design and Quick-release propellers of the product. Overall, a winner, in my opinion.

      Got your attention, have I? Then just click here to find out more.

      What Could’ve Been Better?

      At just 22 minutes, I feel the flight time for the product should have been better. After all, when you’ve flown something like the M2P, you kinda begin to expect longer flight durations. But then again, I guess I have to consider the price range of the product.


      • Brushless motors enable quiet flights
      • 5Ghz video transmission
      • Lightweight and portable design
      • Follow Me feature


      • Relatively low flight time

      Best Budget Follow-me Drones

      Still stuck with me? Good, now we’ve finally reached the last segment of the list. The pair of products included here are decidedly budget buys. And while you certainly can’t expect all the bells-and-whistles from this category, they have rather nifty features to boast of.

      5. Contixo F24 Pro

      With a 4K Ultra-HD camera and close to thirty minutes of flight time, this bird has a performance that is comparable to premium drones but at a fraction of the price. Sleek and stylish, this product has everything you could ask for in a drone.

      My Experience

      The F24 Pro was my companion on a trip to Corsica, and I was as impressed by the scenic beauty as by the product that helped me capture it.

      This drone has an impressive camera with a 120-degree FOV lens that allows me to take wide shots of any location. This feature, along with Follow-Me, came in really handy along the GR20 trail.

      Plus, the product has a foldable design, which means I could easily pack and carry it with me. Other notable features of the device are gesture control, short charging times, and headless mode for beginners.

      What Could’ve Been Better?

      The only peeve point I have about this product is that spare batteries for the model are hard to come by. I’d urge the manufacturer to take some steps in this direction. Other than that, everything’s peachy for me.


      • Extended flight time
      • Long-life 2500mAh battery
      • 4K UHD camera
      • One-key take-off and landing


      • Batteries aren’t readily available

      6. Holy Stone HS270

      The last item on the list is yet another budget option from Holy Stone. While perfect for city use, I wouldn’t recommend this one for long trips. Wanna know why? Then read on to find out.

      My Experience

      2.7K camera, 5GHz transmission, GPS Auto-return, and Follow Me…you name it, and this product has it. Holding the quality banner of Holy Stone aloft, this is a device that has provided me with several instances of drone-flying fun.

      The HS270 comes equipped with a dedicated app that enables smartphone control. Together with extreme stability, and perfect control, this product is suitable for experts and novices alike.

      And if you’re worried about portability, don’t be. The device is compact, foldable and can be easily carried in a backpack. So no snags there.

      For more info, please visit here.

      What Could’ve Been Better?

      The reason I don’t recommend taking this product on long trips is the flight time, which at 18 minutes is too low, in my opinion. Compare that with the massive 30 minutes of the F24 Pro, and you can see what I mean.


      • Easy to fly and control
      • Foldable and compact design
      • Auto-return and Follow-Me feature
      • High-quality camera


      • Low flight time

      Final Words

      The Follow-Me feature has made manning drones a simple task. And the above six models form the cream of the crop, in my opinion. So when you’re choosing your next drone, be sure to stick to the above list.

      And I sincerely hope you enjoyed going through my drone journey. Expect more to come from my end very soon. Oh yeah! If you have any questions, be sure to let me know. I love to hear from you guys.

      Till then, fly safe!

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