Drone Wedding Photography

Drone Wedding Photography
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    Drone Wedding Photography
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      If you’re anyone who’s into drones, then you’ve surely heard of drone wedding photography. After all, how could you not?

      Drone wedding photography is one of the latest trends, so much so that it has become sort of a rage amongst couples. And with more and more wedding photographers taking the drone route, this is all set to become the norm rather than the exception.

      But is this trend here to stay, or is it just a passing fad? And as a drone enthusiast, what should you know about drone wedding photography? These, I’m sure, are some of the questions that are going through your mind. Don’t worry though, for I’m here to answer them all.

      Hiya! I’m Dhia, your blogger Robo-engineer buddy. And today I’m going to discuss with you why drone wedding photography is essential in today’s time. Plus, as a drone expert, I’m also going to share some tips on how to make the most of your equipment.

      So say cheese, and let’s go!

      Why Wedding Photography Is Incomplete Without Drones

      Traditional wedding photography is limited to ground shots and group photos that all display the same bland frontal perspective. No matter how expensive a camera you use, or whatever your expertise level in the art of photography, these shots are limited in every way.

      In contrast, drone photography takes things to a whole new level. Unique perspectives, beautiful shots, and impeccable quality: these are all the hallmarks that drone wedding photography can lend to that special day.

      Let me explain a bit more clearly. If you ask me, any wedding photography (or for that matter, any photography like Real estate photography for example) is incomplete without aerial shots. And short of renting a helicopter, the best way to achieve that is by using drones. The following are some of the primary reasons why every wedding photographer should consider adding drones to their arsenal.

      Superior Image Quality

      First off, the image quality. Drone cameras are meant to take photos on the go. As such, any professional photography drone is expected to have at least a 2K HD camera (you can find our recommended drones with high quality cameras in our Drones under 1000$ article here!). This means you can get aerial shots that are brilliant in terms of quality.

      Plus, with a drone, you’re sure to get perspectives that  you cannot hope to achieve with any other form of photography! And that brings me to my next point.

      Unique And Interesting Perspectives

      This is, without a doubt, the most compelling reason for using drones in wedding photography. Drones have a bird’s-eye view of the entire venue, allowing you to provide shots that equal any movie camera.

      What’s more, most modern drones, especially the ones that are built for photography, have rotational and swiveling mechanisms. This allows the cameras to capture angles that would be unthinkable in the case of traditional photography.

      Personally, I’d played the part of the shutterbug at a few of my friends’ weddings, and the shots that I captured with my drones really took their breath away.

      Taking Advantage Of The Venue

      If there’s one thing that I really love, it’s destination weddings. Whether your client chooses to get married on an exotic island, or selects the mountainside for tying the knot, the venue plays an integral part.

      And drones allow photographers (such as you!) to take full advantage of the venue. From sweeping panoramic videos to birds-eye-view shots of the entire wedding party, drones can deliver imagery that sparkles with creativity.

      Plus, when using drones, you can blend the surroundings into your shots in ways that would otherwise be impossible. This is all the more reason for adding a drone to your wedding photography toolkit.

      Creativity Unleashed

      I’ve always maintained the opinion that photography is creative art taken to perfection. And drones allow me to unleash my creative side to the fullest.

      As a photographer, there’ll always be days when you feel uninspired; when the DSLR in your hand just feels like a chunk of plastic. Just imagine if that’s the case on a day you have to cover a wedding!

      Enter the drone camera that can enable any photographer to take a literal flight of fancy and get the creative juices flowing. When you take to the skies with a drone, you can expect shots that lend an extraordinary grandeur to any wedding.

      Add A New Dimension To Your Photography

      Finally, as the wedding photographer, your aim is to make the event a memorable one. And what better way to do that than by getting a group shot of the entire wedding party, bride and groom in the center, using a drone!

      Drone cameras make the entire task of taking wedding photos more exciting, alluring, and technically sound. With a drone, your wedding photography skills would only be raised to greater heights (literally)!

      Top Tips For Capturing A Wedding Using Drones

      Well, by now, I hope you’ve got a good idea of why a drone camera is needed in your wedding photography toolkit. To get the best results, however, here are some specific drone photography tips that you can follow.

      Do A Weather Check

      Before taking to the air, take out some time to put an eye to the sky. I always make it a point to check out the local weather bulletin and ascertain that there’s no storm on the horizon. Strong winds and inclement weather conditions can ruin all your efforts. So, do a weather check first before hitting the winds.

      Remember The Rules

      Drones are considered a security risk in many states, and you may require special permission to fly them. Talk with your clients and get as much info as you can about the UAV restrictions near the wedding venue.

      If required, get in touch with the local authorities and take the necessary permissions. You can even scour the internet to know about areas that may be off-limits for drones. This is important to ensure you don’t fall into any legal potholes.

      Keep It RAW

      When shooting, remember to stick to raw images. This will provide you with greater versatility when you’re editing the photos post-production. Raw photos provide you with uncompressed photographic data, which leads to better resolutions and sharper results.

      I’ve always found that a higher resolution image proves to be simpler to make adjustments, such as altering exposure and color palettes. Further, higher resolution pictures can be easily edited digitally to enhance the quality of the image.

      Match The Surroundings To The Event

      As I already mentioned before, the location of the wedding plays an integral part in ensuring drone photography success. So, before the actual day, you need to scope out the place and understand the surroundings.

      Ideally, locations best suited for drone photography are churchyards, islands, parks, or the open countryside. And you don’t need me to tell you that indoor weddings can never give the best results when it comes to drone photography.

      Once the venue is chosen, make it a point to visit the location beforehand and give the drone a spin. This’ll allow you to understand which vantage points work best, and how to take advantage of the surroundings.

      Use A Lower ISO

      One of the vital points that you should remember for taking wedding photographs using drones is to use a lower ISO. Drone cameras are usually equipped with smaller sensors that don’t handle higher ISO settings well.

      Given that most weddings are daylight events, you shouldn’t have much trouble finding sufficient light. Which means you won’t be needing higher ISO settings anyway. Make sure to stick with the lowest settings possible, and use manual exposure adjustments.

      And in case you’re shooting in the shade or low-light conditions, consider using slower shutter speeds or increasing the aperture.

      Make Use Of Bracketing And Auto-Exposure

      When selecting the right drone for the job, use one with Auto Exposure Bracketing (AEB) facility; this’ll allow you to capture more dynamic shots and videos. The AEB feature enables taking the same shot multiple times, using different settings.

      This gives you a more extensive range of choices to work with when editing the finished product. Plus, you also have the luxury of choosing the ones with the best exposure levels. And yes, when resorting to drone photography, remember to take care of the aspect ratio as well.

      Final Words

      Weddings are more than social functions; I like to picture them as events that bring together the love of two souls as one. And capturing such a special day in the right spirit is no mean feat, by any standards.

      However, with the right drone camera, you can take marvelous wedding shots and videos that resonate for years to come. Using drones, you, as the photographer, get to capture moments that are meant to last a lifetime for the bride and groom.

      So, get your wings and begin the process. As always, I’ll be here to guide you with anything that’s needed. Till then, keep flying!

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