How Drones Work

Before investing in a drone, you probably have many questions running through your mind. Things such as how far can a drone fly from controller or perhaps even the laws about drones flying over private property. Taking a moment to read this and gain insight will not only help you be better prepared for your new quadcopter, but also help you decide which model you will choose.

How Drones Work

Drones are composed of light materials in order for it’s weight to be reduced while increasing maneuverability at the same time. There are two main parts: the control system and the drone itself. With a wide variety of sizes, there’s an option for everyone to love. Even the military has their own type, but these aren’t anything like the ones you’d purchase for recreation. The type that is manufactured for fun are known as VTOL, this means “vertical take-off and landing”. If you’ve ever seen someone fly a drone, then you know this is exactly how they work.

How Fast Can Drones Fly

Over the years, drones have become far more prevalent than ever before. They’re fun, efficient and can be immensely beneficial for an abundance of purposes. Whether you’re interested in an adrenaline ride or you just want to snap pictures of your real estate property, a drone will prove to be […]

How Much Weight Drones Can Carry

In the world of UAVs, the maximum weight that a flying aircraft can carry is expressed as “payload”. The payload includes all the equipment on board to carry out missions: sensors, cameras, radars, lasers, parcels and armaments for military drones. Avionics components (gyrometer, accelerometer, GPS, altimeter) are excluded from this […]

How Long Can Drones Fly

How Long Can You Fly a Drone

When you buy a drone, there are many features you should look for. Many questions run through your head, such as how far can it fly or maybe how to avoid losing it. An important question you should never overlook is how long can you fly a drone. Will the […]

How High Can Drones Fly Legally

How High Drones Can Fly

With a rise in popularity, drones have been highly wanted for fun and personal use. Mainly used by photographers, but also are used purely as a hobby to explore how the world looks from a different perspective. Whichever the reason is for you, it’s important to know the legalities of […]

How Far Can Drones Fly

How Far Can A Drone Fly

One of the most common questions that people ask. Even when someone sees another person flying a drone, the question “How far can drones fly?” puzzles many people so much that they will approach the owner to find out. The truth to a drones range capability is that it depends. […]